Tuesday, December 30, 2014

For Christmas this year, my girl spoiled me rotten.
She went and bought me a used rolling mill and ring stretcher on Kijiji ... and managed to keep it a secret from me for months. They need some reconditioning work (and I need to learn how the stretcher works) but I'm so excited - I can't wait to start using them. Now I have to get my silversmithing bench all done up and functional - I have several jewelry projects that need to get started.
I'll post pictures as soon as it is ready.

So I mentioned that I was working on a larger stained glass project ...
... it's a nativity scene I've created for my parents. It was supposed to be a gift for this year but it will instead have to be a work-in-progress (I over-extended myself this year with other projects). The first shot is of the plan sheets I drew up and the second photo is what I was able to get completed today. I would like to document the process and take photos to show each session's progress, along with how long each session took.
Today's session consisted of around 4 hours work (not including clean-up, breaks, having to go buy a new soldering iron, dinner, etc). This is going to take a lot of work ...
... I hope my folks will like it.

Ever have one of those days?
Spent my morning cleaning up my bench, getting ready for this new project. I finally get started and cut, fit together and foiled some parts and got them all ready to tack together ... and my iron was stone cold ... plugged in ... but stone cold. So I tried another outlet because, surely the problem was the outlet ... nope ... still stone cold. So after the obligatory period of profuse swearing and hurling-about-of-things, I had to go out and buy another iron. $100.00 later, I'm back home taking a break ... and I've decided to blog about my day because, as I've been told, that's what you do.
Fun ... ?

December has been a busy month ... the holidays always are.
I figure I have made around 19 ornaments in the past 3 weeks to give as gifts for friends and loved ones and I still have one large project to complete - I'll try to remember to post about it.
First ... need coffee.
Second ... go work on glass.

Monday, December 29, 2014

Hello folks.
I've never been a blogger before but I thought I would give this a try. I've come to realize that, like everyone else, I have a lot of things going on in my life - family, career, hobbies, hopes and ambitions and that maybe keeping a journal about things may help give me some clarity. I've seen blogs from other people I know so I thought I'd try it too ... so here goes.

My name is Sam and I like to make things.
My passions include blacksmithing, stained glass, making silver jewelry, woodworking and carving and Norse history. My number one, all-consuming passion is my wife, Leslie - though I'm pretty sure she doesn't want me writing about our personal life, so I'll just stick with the hobbies. I want this blog to be an ongoing journal about my crafts and projects and creative growth. I have countless plans percolating in my head and I thought it would be a good idea to have a venue where I could write about them and maybe even get some feedback from other interested people.

I'm not much of a writer so this is all one big experiment for me - it could take off splendidly or it could all go pear-shaped ... only time will tell. So here is to a New Year and to new ventures.