Friday, January 16, 2015

I don't know what it is lately but I've been totally consumed and fascinated with two completely different and radical building concepts that seem to be really taking off - the Tiny House movement and Shipping Container Architecture. As it turns out they're not really that new, they have both been around for a while but they have really been getting more popular in the last few years.

For me it started with the Netflix documentary "Tiny", which was all about the tiny house movement and chronicles a young 20-something building his own tiny house. If you haven't seen it, find it and watch it - it's worth seeing (or look up some videos on YouTube). It totally hooked me and has been playing with my brain for the last year. I've even started following some tiny house blogs (check out my blog list, down there on the right) and 2 Google+ communities.
I've included some random internet pictures of tiny houses (outside and in, though not of the same houses) to give you an idea of what a tiny house could become. My SCA friends may think to themselves "those are just like the Pennsic trailer houses ...". But they're not ... these are not just thin plywood shells-over-frames like the Pennsic houses - these are fully insulated, actual all-season homes with all the amenities ... just on a scale of under 300sqft.
Now I'm not delusional enough to think about giving up all my stuff and going to live in a tiny house - I'm a BIG guy and I LOVE all my tools and stuff, so I'm quite happy with the house I'm in. But I'm totally in love with an idea of having a tiny house as a cabin or cottage by a lake. I'm even more in love with the idea of pitching in together with some friends, buying some acres of bush and setting up our own tiny house/cottage summer-commune ... that would be something.

Storage container architecture has also been on my mind lately. The building designs are too modern/cubist/contemporary for my tastes, but I've been toying with the idea of a 20' storage container blacksmith shop ... this has potential that merits some more thought ... this could be fun ( ... if Leslie doesn't kill me first).