Sunday, January 11, 2015

WOW ... I never knew how satisfying blogging could be - I should have done this a long time ago.

I'm also really enjoying the Google+ network - I've enjoyed building up my profile and exploring the thousands of communities on Google. I have already found a dozen different communities that interest me and I've even started my own community. It's a community for Morris Dancing - it's called Canadian Morris Dancers and Friends.

My wife Leslie and I have been doing Morris dancing for several years now. I don't dance but I do play drum for the Morris dancing group we belong to in Hamilton called Cold Barn Morris. Our group and the Google+ community I created is open to anyone who is interested or curious to find out more about Morris dancing - so feel free to check us out.

Here is a link to a YouTube video so you can see what Morris dancing is all about - it's really a lot of fun (... and a great workout).
This is our group dancing a dance called 2-stick Idiot during May Day in 2013

 And if you don't dance (like me), we always welcome new musicians as well - whether you play fiddle, concertina (or any squeeze-box), penny whistle, mandolin, banjo, ANYTHING ... we've even got a bassoon player (... Hi Duffy!!! ...). I play bass drum - this is a picture of my drum (... Thumper ...) ... and my hat.

So this is the Morris-side about me not many people know about - I guess this counts as part of the creative journey.