Monday, February 16, 2015

... Rant Warning ... I HATE FACEBOOK!!!

This is what I get for trying to be clever!!! I came up with the BRILLIANT idea of setting up a facebook account for my officer position in the SCA as the Minister for Arts and Sciences for our Barony (SCA'ers will understand what I am talking about). My intentions were good ... really they were ... I thought since everyone and their dog/cat were on facebook that this would be an easy way to maintain the class / workshop calendar for the Barony, to promote discussion and sharing of A&S topics and classes, set up albums of projects, track A&S in the barony for reporting - AND - have it all in a neat package to pass it on to whoever took over after me ... sounds reasonable, doesn't it???
I have been on facebook for less than a day and I already HATE it. This whole process would have been so much easier and neater on Google+ but it isn't as widely used as facebook ... grrrr ....
Why didn't I keep my big mouth shut ... ???
Hopefully I'll get some experienced guidance from more seasoned facebook-users in our Barony to help me sort out this schlamazel.
... did I mention how much I hate facebook? ... grrr ...