Monday, February 9, 2015

Problems with Salt.

No, not health problems ... PHYSICS problems.
Well, this is a new one for me ... but at the same time it just fascinates the science teacher in me to no end. Here is the story - several years ago some dear friends of ours have me this beautiful salt and pepper set as a gift (either Christmas or birthday - I forget which). This set has happily sat on our side-board ever since and Leslie and I kept only our favourite sea salt in it. Well tonight when I went to use the salt shaker during dinner, this is what I found.

The sea salt had absorbed enough moisture in the air that it had caused it to swell enough to crack the body of the salt shaker all around the bottom plug. Likely these were micro fractures that formed in the shaping of the cups - the set looks like it is pewter. They were completely invisible until the expanding salt forced them open.

I`m rather disappointed that my favoutite salt shaker is now severely damaged ... but the science teacher in me keeps saying, "... THAT`S SO COOL ...", a bit of a dilemma. Oh well - live and learn.

So, from now on, all salt shakes in our house will have iodized salt mixed with raw rice to deal with clumping and expanding caused by moisture ...

... who knew ...