Monday, October 12, 2015

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!

I know it's been a while since my last blog and stuff has been happening, but a combination of back-to-school craziness, insanely busy calendar and falling into a bit of a rut has sort of stalled the creativeness lately.

At the end of August, Leslie and I went to Minneapolis to attend an SCA event called the Known World Metal and Glass Symposium. My one of my best and dearest friends in the SCA, Daniel, and his wife Katherine were running the event, so we went over early and tried to help out where we could. The event was hot, humid and really fun. I got to hang out with great friends, make new friends and surround myself with metal-goodness for several days. It was also exhausting. Got home, 10 hours before I had to get up and head back to the classroom for the first-day back to school ... argh.

Aside from general business, we also had to deal with our van breaking down - which prevented me from bringing my forge to a really cool viking event we have every 2 years called the Althing (even though some incredibly generous and dear friends offered to transport the forge for me - unfortunately my pride is too stubborn). We still day-tripped the event but it just wasn't the same. While looking for another used van, we've decided to instead sink the money back into our van and try to get another 5 years out of her - give us time to same up more. So hopefully we'll be back out to events in the spring with the forge in tow.

I think the hardest thing I've been having to deal with is that my dad has been diagnosed with Alzheimer's. Aside from having to come to terms with the possibility of losing my dad before I lose my dad - I find myself terrified I may have it when I get older too. 

So ... this rut has become rather deep - I need to dig out of it and get back to my work-benches ... I have jewelry and stained glass to make ... the sooner I start, the better. I'm sponsoring 3 people in the upcoming Queen's Prize Tourney ... I'm hoping that will help get me off my arse and stop wallowing in self-doubt.