Sunday, January 3, 2016

Soldering station.

Had a good day today.
I installed the fume (stove) hood over my soldering bench - wired it up so that it is a plug in instead of hard wiring it to the house circuit. Turned out pretty good ... now I have a direct overhead light, a fan to evacuate fumes ... all I have left to do is vent it and hook up the duct work to the dryer vent.  Not bad for a free hood.
I like productive days.

Deck the halls ...

Well the tail-end of 2015 wasn't quite as productive as I had hoped for.  This was this year's batch of gift ornaments - holly.  I only got 7 made before the holidays (much less than usual).  I really enjoyed getting back into the glass, but my depression was particularly tough this time around.  I didn't get started until much later than I intended, and then lost steam after these seven, despite grand plans of making more and doing more work on last year's nativity project ... I still haven't decided what I'm going to do with it when it's done.

The first few days of 2016 have started with a bit more promise.  I spent yesterday in the basement doing what I call "clutter control" ... you know ... moving stuff around to fool yourself into believing you can find more useful space ... I didn't start up any new projects, but I did do some work space improvement.  I finally put some new jewelry tools and bronze wires I ordered in November away, and I've finally begun wiring an old stove hood a friend of mine gave me. I'm going to mount it as a fume hood for my soldering table and vent it out the clothes-dryer vent ... I've been planning to do this for over a year and finally getting to DOING it makes me hopeful I can get more motivated this year ... but the trick is staying motivated ...

A new year, new opportunities and new challenges lie ahead ... the road is long, but I will walk it best I can.