Friday, April 15, 2016

Wire weaving.

Lately I've been exploring a style of wire weaving called "trichinopoly" - it is a style largely associated with the vikings ... examples have been found in a few grave sites, sometimes attached to fragments of clothing as trim.  The weaving creates a really nice wire "chord" that can be used as jewelry and different weaves create chords of different stiffness.  

I'm practicing with beading wire and copper wire around 24ga - silver and bronze wire is too pretty and costly to be "learning" on. I'm starting to get the hang of it - weaves are usually described as single-loop, double-loop or triple-loop and can differ in the number of "ribs" or columns of loops - from four and up - I've been practicing with 4-rib and 6-rib patterns, though I've started experimenting with a 5-rib weave.  

Once the weave is complete, it is drawn through a drawplate with different size holes to draw the chord thinner and tighten up the weave.  It's been fun ... I think I'll be starting a necklace in silver wire soon ... I also think I need to order some more bronze wire in 24ga and 26ga.  I'm liking this addition to my metalwork skill-set.