Saturday, May 28, 2016

Mask making.

 So, it's mask making time again in my classroom.  This year I decided to go with plastic mask shells - I figured this group of students would have too many problems making a curved mask shell from flat cardboard.  Problem was that plastic masks are WAY more expensive than cardboard, so I decided to double my investment and use the mask shaped blister-pack as well.  So like last year's mask project, it starts with taping and building 6 layers of paper-mache (3 on the outside and 3 on the inside and wrapping around all the mask edges).  This is what it looks like ...

 So ... like last year I decided to go with a Commedia dell-Arte mask - this time I made an actual character mask instead of copying the "style".  This year I chose to make a mask for the character Arlecchino ... the servant, most known for having a wart on his head.  I find I really enjoy making masks and this one has been a lot of fun.
Here is how it looks so far ...  I'll make another post when it's had it's top layers of paper mache and when it is painted.